Hello, World! I Started My Blog In Plain HTML

Minh-Phuc Tran

Minh-Phuc Tran on Dec 17, 2020





Today is a special day for me: I finally created my blog, what I has been thinking of for years 🎉. If you are reading this on another platform, it is an automatic crosspost, feel free to check out my website.

Plain HTML is fun 🤓

Because I didn't want to give myself another reason to keep procrastinating, I decided to start this blog dead simple: plain HTML, no inline style, no CSS, no JS, whatsoever.

Surprisingly, after making the decision, I realized that HTML and the web were originally created for people to write, share, and communicate information. That why we have HTML tags title, article, header, headings ( h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6), paragraph (p), etc, they're all for writing articles and sharing stories. Over time, thanks to more and more powerful computers and browsers, HTML/CSS/JS became more and more like a framework to create interactive applications on the web.

This is such an interesting Aha! movement for me because I started with game and desktop programming, which are all about visualization and interactivity. All of my previous experience with web development were also about creating beautiful and interactive web applications. I've never happened to think of HTML as a means for writing and sharing stories.

This also answered one of my biggest unsolved questions in programming - why on earth there're many different HTML tags that have the same visualization and all the weird workaround-like positioning techniques ( float, clear: fix, etc). Coming from game and desktop development, absolute position, flex, and grid were always obvious options when it comes to layout and positioning for me. Now, it all makes sense and it's very interesting to see how HTML - the core of The Internet has evolved over time.

Alright, that is it. I thought that I were gonna write more about why I started this blog and what value you can get from it, but I ran out of time, gotta write it tomorrow then.

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